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While i go to a lot of trouble to make sure that the programs used and the advice given here is bulletproof, you cannot hold me responsible for any loss damage or corruption caused by following any advice given or installing and running any of the software recommended on this site. However, it is the way i run my PCs (i have 5 or 6 altogether at home) so I'm not suggesting anybody do anything that i wouldn't do. Cheers Phil.

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Customer Testimonials!

Several years ago I needed trouble-shooting help with my home computer and set-up. I saw Phil's advertising, gave him a call, and have been using him ever since. I have always been impressed with Phil's thorough IT knowledge and professional skills; he's very approachable and ultra-reliable. With Phil, there's no baffling high-tech talk, he treats customers with respect because he knows his business and just gets in and does the job. For clients, that also translates to very effective and extremely cost efficient computer solutions. For any IT, computer or digital media requirements, I can happily recommend Phil.

Rod Trowbridge, Mildura Tourism.


Hi Phil, Just like to express our appreciation for your exceptional service and assistance with our new computer. We are still learning to navigate around our new system but having fun doing so. Having been in business for some years it is so pleasing to deal with some-one who can not only provide a product but will do so and offer advise and such great service. Again thank-you,

John & Kay, Sunraysia