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About Me: Phil
A brief history of my working life . . .
Introduction: Previous Career

I used to be a truck driver and i have around 22 years experience driving Semi-Trailers, B-Doubles and Truck & Dog combinations, carrying everything from General Freight, Fruit & Vegetables, Milk, Bread, Coal, Scrap Metal as well as Sand & Gravel products. Also I have experience with the operation of float trailers, although I have only carted rigid trucks on them. I have a great driving record in heavy vehicles having never injured myself or anyone else for that matter, it goes without saying that I have never had an accident in a heavy vehicle and have only been responsible for a couple of minor scratches to paintwork in all the years I have driven. I believe this is because I have a good understanding of OH&S issues, and i am more concerned about safety (particularly my own) than anything else.
Current Career

I now have over 15 years experience providing onsite troubleshooting and support for residential computer users and small to medium business users. I build computers to order and also have standard specification machines available. I deliver and install computers for the customer onsite and make sure the software the customer requires is set up on their new computer. Data transfer, migrating emails and settings are just some of the services offered so the customer is ready and able to use their new computer. I can also cater for all maintenance, insurance and reporting requirements. A large number of customer enquiries are also handled on the phone if the phone call enables the client to fix their problem and saves them a home visit.

I was hired by a company called 'Dr Daves Mobile Computer Services' as a troubleshooter for several years, the company covers all of greater Sydney and the illawarra. I have also subcontracted through a company called Best International to perform warranty repair work for Dell Computers. The work in both companies was troubleshooting problems for home users as well as small to medium businesses, i performed a lot of hardware changeovers, system rebuilds and of course built lots of new computers as well. Hardware changeovers consisted of parts like Laptop LCD screens, Motherboard or Daughterboard replacements, any piece of hardware that goes in or around a computer be it laptop or tower. Also i found myself reinstalling the Operating Systems and associated programs on a fairly regular basis.
I will add

That i'm fluent with most Operating Systems including Windows, Windows Server, Linux, Linux Server and Apple Systems. I am able to diagnose and repair issues with these Operating Systems and any programs that may be running on them. I have experience with hardware for standard PC towers and Laptops, Netbooks even Play Stations and other Consoles and Devices. This includes building new machines and repairing existing machines. Also I provide phone support for a wide variety of issues that arise from day to day computing.

In 2006 i was named Time magazines Person of the Year. I have always had a passion for PC's, which is why I finally got out of the transport industry. I need the challenge provided by the IT industry to keep me interested in my work (transport is very boring). During my time with Dr Dave I discovered I have a great aptitude for the work, Thanks Dave! Also thank YOU for taking the time to read this.
Happy Computing!