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General Maintenance
Every machine needs maintaining
- Cars, Computers, you name it!
Just about every machine Mankind has ever invented overheats, and then generally, it blows up in our face, we then look at the machine again and strap a cooling system onto it, and presto, like magic we have created a wonderful machine that works tremendously well . . . for a while, before it blows up anyway. Even then it needs maintaining . . . regularly. To get around the annoying problem of maintaining machines we really need to invent the perpetual motion machine, then it wouldn't need any maintenance and everybody would be out of a job.
Your computer is a machine just like any other, if it is not maintained it will eventually blow up in your face. To get around this problem we perform maintenance on the machine, regular maintenance, boring regular maintenance, i know its dull but if you do it often enough it will stop a lot of problems from ocuuring. Its not hard and doesn't take long, now if you're still interested we will run a couple of tools that we all have in our home computers, the two (2) we need come with windows and they are called
'Disk Cleanup' and 'Disk Defragmenter'

Both of these can be found by clicking on the 'Start' button and go to 'All Programs' then 'Accessories' then 'System Tools' and you will see both of these in the list that pops out.
Disk Cleanup

Run 'Disk Cleanup' first. It will have a look through the system for rubbish, note that it will not search for or find anything nasty it just finds rubbish. Windows is really big inside and lots and lots of things happen in the background all the time. A week later a lot of this stuff is still kept by windows but its now rubbish. Just like we don't leave rubbish in the kitchen for too long, we shouldn't leave it in our computer for too long either. So after 'Disc Cleanup' has searched it will present you with a list of the rubbish its found, just make sure you tick every box so you can remove all the rubbish from your system, if you look at the list of items you will see the 'Recycle Bin' in there. So you can feel confident that it is just doing what it claims, removing rubbish. Once you have ticked every box in the list then click 'OK' and click 'OK' again when it asks are you sure. After that it will do its job and simply disappear from the screen, there is nothing more you need to do, if you run it weekly it should only take about 30 seconds or so to complete its work
Disk Defragmenter

Now run 'Disk Defragmenter'. This is a little like tidying up books on a bookshelf so that they are all neat and organised, your computers hard drive needs organising the same sort of way, and defragging as its called, is what we do. When you start the program its as simple as clicking the 'defragment' button. I defrag my machine every week, I dont bother anylysing it. If you use these two tools regularly it can prevent problems happening to your PC, problems like the computer slowing down over time or becoming unstable and freezing or worse crashing to the 'Blue Screen of Death' ( Which by the way is the technical term used for it, its not something i made up, and yes i've been asked! )
If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to 'Contact Me!'
Happy computing!