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Recommended Programs
You really should have these on your Computer!

Everyone wants you to run the mix of software they run, so its often difficult to know who to follow. I guess the main reason lots of people follow my advice is that it wont cost you anything in monetary terms, all the programs i use and recommend are free to download and use, and you wont sacrifice any features, functionality or security by using them, best of all it can be done at no cost, well just a little time and effort.
There's nothing in it for me!

I should also mention that i have no association with any of these companies whatsoever, i do not get paid anything for these recommendations nor do i receive any benefit if you click on one of the links provided.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
The best Malware Scanner on the market at the moment!
Capable of stopping CryptoLocker Infections! \o/
Spybot Search & Destroy
also Spybot Search & Destroy deserves an honourable mention
Foxit Reader
A great alternative to Adobe Reader
Mozilla Firefox
Was the most popular Web Browser on earth before Chrome came along . . . and has some great tricks up its sleeve . . .
Mozilla Thunderbird
An E-Mail program that has some great tricks up it's sleeve. It's from the same crew that puts out Firefox
Libre Office
This program looks and feels the same as the Microsoft Office used to look before the ribbon in 2007 and is compatible with all the current office formats ie .docx .xlsx etc etc
A great alternative to your ISP email address
Access various information about your computer
View HDD information and monitor disk temperature
View detailed information about your PC's graphics card
The only media player you'll ever need!


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