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We have all done it, we ignore very obvious signs that something is wrong with the computer. Putting off the call to tech support. We let it go or workaround the problem to put off having to deal with it for as long as possible. Unfortunately, that often means we have put it off until something really bad occurs and we are now in a costly or even devastating situation.

To avoid the risk of a serious emergency happening to your business, watch out for these signs indicating your computers may be in need of professional tech support:
Regular pop up messages;

This often includes critical issue like renewing your security software or installing important updates for your operating system or applications, if they not being completed you are vulnerable to security attacks.
One or more systems are running unusually slow;

This can be a sign of hardware starting to fail or software corruption.
Your system regularly freezes up and forces a reboot for no apparent reason;

You may have a hard drive on the brink of complete failure and the potential for loss of data if not addressed immediately.
You face the "Blue screen of Death" or a blank black screen;

This generally happens with older systems, when disk sectors are failing they can often have difficulty loading the operating system, while it may work when you reboot it is a sign that all is not right and a future catastrophic disk failure maybe round the corner.
An application closes without warning;

When an application closes without warning it could mean you do not have the latest version of the application or that your operating system is not compatible with the version you are using.
Your system is making noises;

Like any machine, computers need to be properly maintained and regularly cleaned. Any unusual noise should be looked at right away and can be as simple as a dirty fan or as critical as a failing hard drive.
Blinking or flashing screens;

If you experience screen resets in the middle of using applications it may mean your video card or graphics chip is failing and is a clear warning sign that it will fail permanently in the future.

Computers and the software running on them are likely one of the most expensive and important assets in your office.

Your business cannot run without them.

It is critical that you make sure that they are properly maintained and that problems are addressed quickly by a professional technician.
Happy computing!